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Medical Grade Wipes

ESSENTIAL BUSINESS SERVICES - Do you or a family member/friend need groceries or other supplies (medications from a pharmacy or other necessary items) but cannot drive or pick them up? Please call us now and TRAN-STAR EXECUTIVE will be there. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance. We understand some supplies are low or not on shelves right now. We can work together as best as possible to help you.

Special Rates on ALL of our vehicles during this Tough Time…

A note: many online services, such as Amazon, are considerably backed up for delivery of food and other supplies. Tran-Star Executive is convenient and will not keep you waiting!

Call us now and let us know how we can serve you. If it's an unusual request, do not be afraid to ask. We specialize in fulfilling unique orders; we are a creative group!

With best wishes for health and safety!

Award Winning Limousine Services......Year after Year

Tran-Star Executive is proud of our strategic partnership with the NY Islanders and The Long Island Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, to provide quality, dependable, cost effective limousine and transportation services to all of our corporate and personal clients.

Call us now (631) 243-3800 to hear how this relationship helps us help you!