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If you've traveled with us before then there are a wide variety of records you can view and print directly online.

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Additionally, you can book a reservation, recieve a quote or request an instant pick up by calling our 24 hour car service at 1-800-894-STAR (7827).



In today's world you need more than just transportation. Safety is our major concern. Tran-Star clients feel safer and enjoy a more comfortable ride because our vehicles are equipped with DriveCam video systems. Triggered by ā€œGā€ forces from incidents like hard braking, rapid acceleration or harsh cornering, these palm-sized digital video recorders record on a digital loop and save information 10 seconds prior to and 10 seconds after an incident occurs. Tran-Star closely monitors all recorded events that occur in its fleet of vehicles. Driver profiles are built, and only drivers who have a history of safe driving habits remain part of the Tran-Star team.

This means that you can be confident that your Tran-Star chauffeur has proven to be a safe and responsible driver. Mounted behind the rear view mirror of our vehicles, the cameras have one lens that sees a 180-degree view out in the front of the car. Although DriveCam is constantly on the lookout, it is programmed to record only when an event is initiated.

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